| A brief Background |

The Republic of South Sudan has many barriers to health care delivery, not only is there a critical shortage of health care personnel, there is also a lack of health care infrastructure, which was destroyed during the civil war. Infant mortality is 104/1,000 live births, and the maternal mortality ratio is estimated at 2,054 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births. It is estimated that 80% of health care delivery is through NGOs. . The clinical officer is seen part of the solution to Southern Sudan’s health care needs. The training of the clinical officer takes half as long as the medical doctor.

The government would like to increase the number of clinical officers Lab. technicians and it has a goal of producing 5,000 clinical officers and lab tech..

Torit Health Science Institute is dedicated to providing excellence in mid level cadres Medical Education, basic and clinical research; quality evidence based patient care and service to improve the health of the citizen of South Sudan and beyond. It was established in August 2015 in Eastern Equatoria and Know found in Torit State after two states had been created. We aim at working towards producing highly five qualified cadres: Nurses, Midwives, clinical officers, Pharmacy and Laboratory technicians so that health services can be achieved.